Sayuri is a very quiet girl. Expecially around people she isn't familiar with. Although, she is sweet and loving when you get to know her. She is usually alone in a park sketching. Sayuri loves to do anything partaining to art. Expecially make trinkets and paintings for people. She is very shy about showing off her works though. She has no self-confidence and often puts herself down by saying she's an idiot or a freak. She is not much of a girly girl and enjoys watching sword fights. Her favorite flower is a lily. Lily, is also what her name translates to. She loves to listen to music too. Her favorite instrument is the violin, which she can play exceptionally. She has a beautiful singing voice as well. She is a soprano and loves to preform high noted songs. Sayuri also has a weak spot for animals, such as cats, and little children.


Sayuri Hanabira

Age 15
Hair color Very light purple with white highlights
Eye color Left eye is dark forest green; right eye is a dark vibrant purple
Alias Shadow, Sayuri-chan, Yuri-kun
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 105 pounds
Occupation Shinigami
Leader Toshiro Hisugaya
Abilities Mindreading, manipulating flora, visions
Affiliation Soul Society

Toshiro Hisugaya (love intrest/leader), Akira Hanabira (father/deseased), Satsuki Hanabira (Mother), Rangiku Matsumoto (Godmother/friend)